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Haghpat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lori Province, Armenia, is a 10th-century monastery renowned for its medieval architecture, including unique khachkars and ancient manuscripts. Nestled in a picturesque landscape, it stands as a testament to Armenian religious and cultural history.

Akhtala, situated in Lori Province, is distinguished by its medieval fortress and monastery. The complex features a church adorned with vibrant frescoes, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Armenian Middle Ages.

Odzun Monastery, dating back to the 6th century and located in Lori, Armenia, is characterized by a distinctive basilica-style church with intricate carvings. The site includes a cylindrical baptistery and a collection of ancient khachkars, representing a unique blend of architectural and artistic heritage.



Stop 1

Haghpat monastery complex is located in the north of Armenia. Haghpat is one of Armenia’s biggest and most famous monasteries, where the characteristics of medieval Armenian architecture are best reflected․ For several hundred years, Haghpat was not only a religious, but also an educational center. The library of Haghpat monastery was founded in the 11th century. Many ancient manuscripts and books were written here.


Stop 2

The second stop will be in Odzun village. It is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia which is famous for its unique architectural monument – the monastery with the same name. There is no exact information about the date of the construction of Odzun, but judging by the building structure and other features of the architecture it can be assumed that this monastery was founded in the 7th century. The name of the founder is also unknown. The place was named after Hovhannes III Odznetsi who was born and raised here. He got the name “odznetsi” which translates as “a fighter with snakes” when he rescued his native village from the invasion of huge snakes by the cross sign. Odzun Monastery is considered one of the most magnificent buildings of Armenia in the early Middle Ages.


Stop 3

Akhtala is a 10th-century Armenian Apostolic monastery. The monastic complex impresses with the beauty and uniqueness of the frescoes that decorate the walls. The underground tunnels, the magnificent defensive fortress, the numerous admirable khachkars and the two-story building, which is believed to be a residence for guards, capture attention.  The architecture of the church is an interesting combination of the Armenian and Georgian styles, which is particularly visible in the exterior. The beautiful frescoes are preserved on the walls of the church Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God), only the Holy Mother’s face was damaged during Tamerlane’s invasion.




Please read and confirm the tour participation regulations in detail, as they arise from your rights and responsibilities․

  • Group tours are confirmed at least 1 day in advance, depending on the number of participants.
  • The minimum number of participants required to organize the tour is indicated in the separate description section of each tour.
  • Payments for group tours are accepted only in advance by bank transfer or at ONE WAY Tour office (Parpetsi 16).
  • Russian-speaking and English-speaking participants can participate in group tours only with the service of a guide in the corresponding language, which is provided with a mandatory surcharge.
  • The average duration of group tours is indicated on the website, but sometimes, depending on the situation, the duration of the tour can be shortened or increased by 1-2 hours.
  • If the child (0-7 years) does not occupy a separate seat in the car, he can participate in the tour for free. When occupying a separate seat in the car, regardless of age, the full price of the group tour is paid for the child.
  • Desired seats in the car are not reserved in advance.
  • For proper check-in and seating of participants, participants are expected to be at the Komitas State Conservatory yard (Sayat-Nova 1a) at least 20 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • In case of a delay of 5 minutes or more after the start of the group tour, the Company is not obliged to wait for the late participant. In case of not participating in the group tour due to being late, the price of the booked tour will not be refunded.
  • The use of any type of food, alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, other beverages (except water), or tobacco products is strictly prohibited during the group tour in the vehicle.
  • The presence of an exit stamp in the passport of citizens of the Republic of Armenia is mandatory for participating in a group tour to the Republic of Georgia.
  • When participating in a group tour to the Republic of Georgia, citizens of some countries must obtain a Republic of Georgia visa, and in some cases also a Republic of Armenia visa for return. The company does not provide assistance in obtaining visas. Issuance of visas is carried out on the basis of existing international agreements between the Republic of Georgia and (or) the Republic of Armenia and your country of citizenship.
  • In case of any passport and/or other document problems at the Armenian-Georgian border during the group tour, the company is not obliged to wait more than 15-30 minutes.
  • During group excursions, regardless of the direction, participants are recommended to wear sports, closed shoes, comfortable clothes, take:
  • protective cap
  • glasses
  • warm clothes
  • raincoat,
  • sunscreen,

in the case of hiking directions:

  • hiking sticks,
  • medicine box
  • raincoat,
  • flashlight,
  • replacement shoes,
  • enough food and water.
  • Weather conditions may vary between attractions and Yerevan.
  • Women and men are advised not to wear revealing clothing when visiting churches. In the case of women, it is desirable to have a headscarf.
  • Participants are not allowed to take pets with them on group tours.
  • The Company is not responsible for your belongings left, lost or damaged during group tours, both in the vehicles of the participants and in the places visited.
  • For some Group Tours, depending on the tour direction and location, the vehicle may not be able to reach the destination and require some walking and/or climbing. If the participant has difficulty walking or climbing stairs, it is recommended to check in advance the availability of such terrains in the places to be visited.
  • In addition to the stops mentioned in the group tour route, additional stops are possible only with the agreement of all group participants.
  • During the group tour, the participant undertakes to obey the guide’s instructions, otherwise, the Company is not responsible for the life and safety of the participant.
  • In case of cancellation of the booked group tour at least 24 hours before the participation, the amount paid for the reservation will be returned to the Client.
  • In case of cancellation of the reservation of the tour confirmed by the Client and the Company in violation of the specified period, the payment for the reservation will be charged in full.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions or force majeure, the Company has the right to change, shorten or cancel the group tour program due to safety reasons.
  • In case of cancellation of the group tour by the company, the full cost of the purchased tour is returned to the Client.
  • If, due to the aforementioned circumstances, the Company has replaced the places visited or the services provided within the tour with equivalent places or services, it does not bear any obligation to the Client and does not return any money. In case of inadequate replacement or reduction, the Company returns to the Client the difference in value between the purchased group tour and the actual implemented program.


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